Boxercise Bootcamp Classes Perth

Crank Health and Fitness have been running Boxercise Bootcamp Classes Perth since 2010. These classes are very popular as they combine cardio/weights/abs/core exercises to give all participants an intense, full body workout.

Who wants full body buuurrrrnnnnn, aching arms and legs, abs that hurt when you cough, sweaty clothes, the drained feeling that you have nothing left to give…! Give our Boxercise classes a go and kick start your fitness and weight loss journey today!

What does the Boxercise Bootcamp session INVOLVE?

60 minutes of boxing, kickboxing, cardio drills, weights/strength exercises, multiple boxing combinations, sprints, body weight exercises and core work combined with X-Training methods. You work in pairs so you will always be boxing/kickboxing, holding the pads for your partner or performing a cardio/running/weights exercise. From the warm up to the cool down, this class in non stop for 60 minutes!

Here is an example of a class drill:
Tabata training; 4 minute round of 20 seconds of straight punches, then 10 seconds of sprints x 8 rounds.

If you already know how to box and hold pads – great!! If not, we will teach you the following:
*How to throw the following punches: jabs, crosses, uppercuts, high punches, double dragons, hooks, elbows, combination punches – using power (strength) and cardio (muscle endurance).
*How to kick box: knees and snap kicks.
*How to hold the focus pads for a partner when they box, kick and during combinations.
*Combine all the above moves together to get a fantastic cardio and full body work out!!

Every session you attend will be different and full of exercise variety – no two sessions are the same!

The AIM of Boxercise Bootcamp?

*To be able to box with correct technique to maximise your work out.
*Hold focus pads for your partner when they box and kickbox.
*To combine boxing/kickboxing and other cardio/weights drills to give you a heart pumping work out.
*To increase your cardio fitness level, build upper & lower body and core strength.
*To mentally challenge you and your reaction skills.
*To make you use your exercise brain (thinking about combinations).
*To have fun and train with awesome people!

Dates, Days and Locations

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday



6pm-7pm 6pm-7pm 6pm-7pm


Fremantle Leeming Fremantle Leeming

*Please arrive at each session 5 minutes before the start time
*See location maps on Group Fitness Classes page

How to REGISTER for the classes?

1: Click here

2: Choose the date you would like to start your first class and click “Sign up now”.

3: New person: Fill out “New to our site”; Existing or already registered client: Fill out “Been here before”.

4: New person: Register and purchase “Crank Group Fitness Classes: $9 unlimited intro”. This entitles you to unlimited Crank Group Fitness Classes for 7 days so you can trial all of our group classes.

**If you want to pay using a credit card, you can fill in your details online. If you want to pay using a bank account you must contact to fill out the direct debit form and email it to Mel for entry (contact Mel for a copy of the form).

5: Once your direct debit form has been received by Mel, you will be registered into the class!

We provide:

Boxing gloves, focus pads, inners, fitness equipment, music, some motivation and a safe training location (community hall).

What to BRING to class?

Towel, drink bottle, your own boxing gloves and pads if you like, medication (eg. asthma).

OTHER stuff?

*Minimum age for classes is 15 years old.
*You must book into, reschedule and cancel all sessions through the Mind Body Online website.
*5 people must register for the class to go ahead.


All of our instructors are qualified Boxing For Fitness Instructors and have completed their required qualification with Thump Boxing or Punch Fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Boxercise & Kickboxing Classes and Boxercise Bootcamp?
Boxercise Bootcamp involves more weight & strength training.

I don’t know how to box, does that matter?
No, we teach you! After a few sessions you will pick up the boxing/kickboxing technique and you will become more confident with holding the pads.

I am not fit enough to join your class.
That is why you join a fitness class, to get fitter and stronger! You may never be fit enough if you think like that!

Can I bring a friend to a class?
Sure! Make sure you check with the instructor before the class so they can check availability and grab some details (name, injuries, exercise history etc) about your friend before the class.

I have an injury, can I still join the class?
It depends on your injury and how bad it is. Contact first!

We look forward to training you at a class soon!!


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