Breakfast Parfait Recipe.

Sick of eating boring old muesli out of a bowl for breaky in the morning? Break the habit and make something different!

The thing we love about “breakfast in a jar recipes” like our chia pudding and overnight oats… can make them the night before. This procedure really makes breakfast a breeze, especially when you don’t have to think about what to make in the morning, you can grab-and-go and eat with ease knowing your breaky is in a jar and waiting for you!

Funk up your morning muesli and yoghurt with this hipster breakfast parfait! Grab your favourite mason jar and follow this recipe 🙂

Breakfast Parfait Recipe.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes.
Making Time: 5 minutes.
Makes: 1 serve.

Ingredients (will depend on the size of your jar/glass)

*1 cup muesli (we used our homemade muesli and toasted it, yummo!)
*1/2 cup plain Greek yoghurt
*1/2 banana
*Small handful of your favourite chopped nuts
*A few craisins
*A sprinkle of chia seeds


1. Place a generous dollop of yoghurt in your jar/glass to cover the base.
2. Place a few spoonful’s of muesli on top of yoghurt.
3. Time to get fancy! Stick banana around the inside of your jar (like you can see from the picture below).

4. Repeat the yoghurt/muesli dollops until your jar/glass is nearly full.
5. One last dollop of yoghurt on top then add chopped nuts, craisins and chia seeds.
6. Voila, breaky parfait is ready! You can either eat right there and then or store in fridge for the morning or another time (snack).

Additional Tips

*Be experimental! You can add whatever ingredients you like!
*To make the recipe paleo, substitute the oats with quinoa or quinoa flakes.


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