Cardio and Core Workout

For a great looking stomach, we need to strengthen the core muscles to make them strong and defined but we also need regular cardio to help burn fat so those toned muscles can be revealed! This cardio and core workout helps you achieve both these aims in one session, so is a perfect go-to workout when you feel your midsection needs a little extra focus. This is also a perfect workout to do in-between leg or upper body focused days.

Mat/ or soft surface, skipping rope (optional)

This workout involves rotating cardio intervals with a core exercise. It can be customized to your preferences as you choose which cardio move you would like to do such as skipping, running (on the spot or across a small distance), fast step ups (on a small step), star jumps, burpees or any other exercise to get your heart rate up. You could alternated these cardio exercises throughout the workout, or to make it simpler, just stick with the same cardio for the whole workout and next time try something different.

The Cardio and Core Workout
Do each core move for 30 reps followed by a set number of cardio exercise e.g. Run to a point and back, 50-100 jump rope or 50-100 step ups. Each component should take 30-60 seconds, no less otherwise increase the reps!

– Cardio (start with this to warm up)
– Basic Crunch
Image result for basic crunch
– Cardio
– Single leg lift (15 reps each leg)
Image result for single leg lift
– Cardio
– Toe reach crunches
Image result for toe reach crunches
– Cardio
– Bird-dog alternating

Image result for bird-dog exercise

– Cardio
– Superman alternating

Image result for superman exercise
– Cardio
– Double leg lift

Image result for double leg raise exercise

Repeat circuit again from the top! How did you go alternating cardio and core workouts?

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Enjoy ladies, good luck!

We hope you enjoy these workouts!


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