Chocolate Challenge Workout

Chocolate Challenge

Love chocolate? Here is your chocolate challenge. Every time before you go to eat some chocolate, perform each exercise for the letter of Chocolate (9 exercises).

Print out this workout and stick it somewhere you won’t miss (ie. fridge, mirror, cupboard door). Just adding in a bit more work before you eat will help you regulate your treats, and even if you do eat more chocolate than you plan at least you will be working for it!

No Equipment Needed!


C –  Chair squats x 30 (like normal squats but with your feet closer together)
H –
 High knees x 100
O –
Outer thigh lifts x 40 (each leg)
C –
Crunches x 30
O –
Oblique twists x 30
L –
Lunges x 40
A –
Arrow jump squats x 30
T –
Toe reach crunches x 30
E –
Elbow plank – 1 minute

See below for exercise demonstrations…

Chair squats 

Image result for chair squats

Chair squats are a great way to ensure you are squatting at least parallel to the knees and are a good way to train the squat motion for people that feel they lose the balance and overcompensate by leaning too far forward when squatting.

(If you don’t have a chair or bench handy simply do normal squats!)

High knees 

Image result for High Knees


Outer thigh lifts 

Image result for Outer thigh lift


Related image

Oblique twists 

Image result for Oblique Twists

Image result for Lunges

Arrow jump squats 

Arrow jump squats are a variation of jump squats where you keep your arms straight, palms together, point them town as you squat, and reach your palms up as you jump. You can see a demo here.

Toe reach crunches 

Image result for toe reach crunches


Elbow plank 

Image result for Elbow Plank

Let us know how you go with this chocolate challenge by leaving a comment in the section below!

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