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Where does Crank travel to?
North as far as South Perth
South as far as Aubin Grove
East as far as Belmont/Southern River
West as far as Cottesloe
See here for a specific suburb list.

Where can you train?
We can train you at any location you like (see above). Most people like to train at their own home, their local park, at the beach or close to their workplace, but you don’t have to! When considering a training area, think about the following:
*The time of day you will be training
*The scenery you would like to look at and be surrounded by during training
*What type of exercise you will be doing at training
*How many people and who you will you be training with

How long do personal training and group fitness sessions go for?
All personal training and group fitness sessions go for 60 minutes and include:
*Warm up and stretching (5-10 minutes) which is specific to the work out you will completing during the training session – usually some form of cardio or light weights to get your body ready for exercise.
*Main component focused on achieving your goals (45-50 minutes). This part of the session varies for everyone as everyone has different goals to achieve. You can chose from a variety of training types such as strength training (muscular endurance and muscular strength), cardio fitness, a combination of cardio and strength training, rehabilitation for an injury, sport specific training etc.
*Cool down and stretching (5-10 minutes) to bring the heart rate back down to the normal zone. Stretching after exercise is very important and has many benefits, such as it helps remove lactic acid from your body and reduces muscle soreness; promotes blood circulation and stops blood pooling, and regular stretching improves your flexibility.

What equipment do we use in training?
It depends on where we train and what goals you want to achieve.

Each trainer has a range of equipment such as: aerobic step, medicine balls, resistance tubing bands, dumbbells and barbells, body bars, boxing equipment, tyres, Bulgarian bags, sand bags, battle rope, suspension trainers, wind trainer, wobble board, fitball, skipping ropes, agility ladder, reaction balls, wrist and hand strengtheners and much more!

We also have music. If you would like your own training playlist created, please let your trainer know what music or bands crank you up and get you motivated!

What is the cost of training?
Crank has very affordable rates in comparison with many less qualified Companies/Trainers. We offer a highly flexible service with no obligation to continue. The cost of training depends on:
*How many people you train with, and
*How many times per week you train

Please contact us for a specific quote.

How long will it take before I start seeing results?
It depends how much time and effort you put in to achieving the goals you make. You must improve certain elements in your life to give yourself every opportunity of success:
*Making the time for exercise
*Doing the correct types and amount of exercise
*Watching your food portion sizes
*Eating healthy foods and the right foods at the right time of day
*Drinking enough water
*Getting the support, guidance and motivation from the right people and sources

What do I need to bring to each session?
All you need to bring is suitable workout clothing (and wear joggers), a towel, a water bottle, any medication you may need (ie. Asthma puffer) and a positive attitude!

What happens if it’s raining?
We train rain, hail or shine. If you currently train outdoors and the weather conditions look unsafe eg: heavy rain, lightning or extreme heat, then your trainer will contact you before,your session and arrange a suitable location for your training session. This applies to all sessions.

How do I book Personal Training sessions, Group Fitness Classes and Kidz Fitness Classes?
All bookings are to be made via the online scheduler, Mind Body Online:
Before making a booking, registration with this program and completion of the mandatory details is required.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a session?
12 hours’ notice is required if the client is unable to attend a scheduled session. All cancellation/rescheduling must be made through Mind Body Online. In an emergency or if there are Mind Body Online access issues, please phone or sms the trainer to change the session time. In this instance, the changes are not authorised until the trainer has confirmed this with the client.
*If the client cancels within 12 hours of/or misses the scheduled session, the payment will be debited from the clients account.
*When cancelling with more than 12 hours’ notice, the client may reschedule the training session time using the Mind Body Online appointment scheduler. Clients must reschedule the cancelled session and complete that session within 28 days or it will be forfeited.

How do I get started?
Click on the “Contact Us” tab and fill out the contact form or pick up the phone and make the call, we will take it from there!


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