Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe.

Looking for a way to add variety to your smoothies? Why not try making a smoothie bowl. Smoothie bowls consist of a few base ingredients blended up to make a smoothie, which you then top with your choice of toppings and you eat it in a bowl with a spoon!

Smoothie bowls can be a great way to add variety through texture, and to keep flavours separate and could be a good idea for kids as a substitute for cereal.

Here is a very basic one for you to try!

Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes.
Makes: 4 small bowls, or two large ones.


*2 cups frozen banana (this helps to make the smoothie thicker but you could also use fresh banana or 1 cup frozen banana and 1 avocado)
*3/4 – 1 cup nut milk (we used macadamia, coconut or almond milk). Use less milk if your blender can handle it.
2 cups loosely packed spinach (or other greens but use less if they are bitter ie. kale)
1 sachet Vanilla Complete
Toppings of your choice! Include fresh fruit, dried fruit, seeds and nuts etc. We used: fresh blueberries, strawberries, dragon fruit, and kiwi fruit, with cocoa nibs, Goji berries, and coconut.


1. Place first four ingredients in a high powdered blender and blitz until smooth.
Pour into separate bowls then add your toppings.
Serve and enjoy! Get creative with how you serve your green smoothie bowl and make it look pretty, remember we eat with our eyes!

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