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1-on-1 PT

Our 1-on-1 mobile personal training sessions are perfect for those who wish to train alone and receive their trainer’s absolute focus and attention (as opposed to group training and group fitness classes). Before you begin your new exercise regime, a 60 minute fitness appraisal is set up between you and your personal trainer so you get a chance to meet them face to face before you start training.

Your fitness appraisal will include:
*Getting to know you such as what exercise you enjoy/dislike, what you do in your spare time etc
*Asking questions about your fitness history, injuries, medical conditions, food and lifestyle choices
*Taking your blood pressure, weighing in and girth measurements
*Fitness and strength tests
*Identifying your short and long term goals
*Discussing ideas for exercise programs that will enable you to reach the results we are after
*Finding a training location and training times that will suit you

Benefits of 1-on-1 Mobile Personal Training with Crank:
*Supervision ensures correct technique therefore reduced chance of injury.

*Ensures you work to your maximum potential and ability.
*Provides variety to your workouts.
*Targets and improves all aspects of physical health: strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.
*Motivation – this helps to build your own self confidence for exercise.

While training with your Personal Trainer, you will receive expert advice and guidance that generate the healthy lifestyle that you have always wanted and deserve. To ensure that you’re progressing towards your goals, your mobile personal trainer will continue to conduct regular fitness assessments so both you and your trainer can track your progress. Your fitness instructor will also provide constructive, honest and effective feedback to continue to challenge you and reaffirm the fantastic results that you will achieve.

Each of our Crank Mobile Personal Trainers are dedicated to conducting fun, informative and challenging exercise sessions in accordance with your current fitness capacity and the forms of physical fitness you enjoy to maintain maximal motivation. See here for a list of suburbs we currently travel to.

1-on-1 PT prices start from $45 per session. Please contact us for more information. See below for available session times:


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