Perth Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

You will love our fitness classes! Our classes have attracted an amazing bunch of ladies who are friendly, fun and motivated. We provide exercise variety and a different workout every time you train with us. Join us today and achieve your health fitness goals in a professional and motivating atmosphere.

Our Perth Group Fitness Classes are designed to help you:
*Lose weight and be able to wear every piece of clothing in your wardrobe and look fantastic.
*Increase your cardio fitness level to enable you to complete every day activities and not feel puffed or tired.
*Increase your muscle mass and muscle tone so you get stronger, are able to see muscle definition and can burn more calories at rest.
*Meet others who share the same health and fitness goals as you and will help motivate you to achieve yours.
*Feel amazing so you can start enjoying life again!

Our Perth Group Fitness Classes operate all year round. During Summer and Spring we are outdoors exercising in Perth’s amazing weather. During Autumn and Winter when it is cold, dark and the weather is unpredictable, we are indoors where there is light, warmth and no insects! The type of class changes with every Perth weather season (every 8-12 weeks) to ensure you stay constantly motivated, your muscle strength and fitness level are being challenged during every session and you are able to put your fitness into practise through participating in Perth’s fitness events throughout the year (if you would like!).

Current Perth Group Fitness Classes

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Every session you attend will be different and will combine a variety of cardio, strength and abdominal exercises. Minimum age for the classes is 15 years.

Group Fitness Classes Schedule

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Class Cost
Class cost depends on how many times per week you attend. The more classes you attend, the cheaper each class is. Classes start from $13 per session. If you haven’t participated in one of our awesome Perth Group Fitness Classes, please contact us for our introductory special.

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