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“I approached Crank about PT sessions in an effort to kick start a healthier routine. I was very grateful that my trainer Liz was able to meet me very early Friday mornings which worked well with my busy work schedule. Liz is amazing – probably the best fitness instructor I have met. Liz didn’t just prepare sessions for the sake of a solid workout, she also listened to my concerns and goals, organising our sessions to suit. I would strongly recommend Liz to anyone wanting an exceptional trainer – Liz simply is an exceptional trainer.”
Michelle, Leeming

“As my husband and I approached our 40th birthday, we felt that it was time to have a lifestyle change by looking after ourselves a little more. After visiting Cranks’s impressive website I contacted Mel with our goals of getting fitter and hoping to lose a bit of weight. Immediately, Mel put us in touch with Kara who accommodated our wish for training outdoors by meeting once a week in the park next door to our house – how convenient! Kara’s sessions are phenomenal; every week there is variation so you never know quite what to expect and she does a brilliant job of providing a great balance of strength and cardio work. Her love of yoga also comes into play and she teaches some amazing ways to stretch. I also attended some of the morning group sessions and found these equally rewarding. The people that come along are really friendly, from a range a different fitness capabilities and are all keen on having fun and getting fit in a supportive environment. If you are having any doubts about whether to make that call believe me you will not regret it. I went from someone who struggled to run a kilometre to now having no problems running 12! Mel is a brilliant operator who listens to the needs of her clients and genuinely cares and the staff that she employs are knowledgeable, motivated and professional. You will not be disappointed!”
Tash, Leeming

“As a person with little experience in physical activity of any sort, I was cautious about adopting a personal trainer. Mel, however, is awesome to work with. She is accommodating and was able to manage her programs around my capabilities yet provide me with enough motivation and stimulation to keep me moving forward. Since taking Mel on as a personal trainer, I have lost about 6kg in a couple of months, but gained a few kilos in muscle mass and generally feel better. I have provided her with a few physical challenges, with some muscles being underdeveloped, but Mel used a variety of techniques to identify those muscles not pulling their weight (so to speak) and has suggested a few exercises to develop these weak areas. I would happily recommend Mel for anyone wanting to stretch themselves a little further. Thanks Mel”
Ryan, Success

“I trained with Caleb from Crank Health & Fitness on a recent holiday to Perth, and what a great experience it was! The location (Port Beach) was beautiful and the soft and definitely added a degree of difficulty that I hadn’t encountered at my normal gym in Sydney. I was impressed by the variety of the workout too – my previous experiences with outdoor group personal training weren’t as well-rounded in terms of featuring both cardio & weight-based exercises, and Caleb did this really well. There was a good mix of fitness levels in the class which was fine, and the atmosphere in the group was super-friendly. My own fitness and strength was definitely tested during the session – which to me is the main measure of a good PT! Would definitely train with Crank again in the future.”
Lanna, Sydney

“Crank Group Fitness is alot of fun! Each session is different, and can be catered for a range of fitenss and abilities. When I found out I was pregnant, Mel and Caleb provided me with options to exercises that werent suitable and I was able to still take part in the classes. With Mel’s encouragement, (and training) I completed the City to Surf 12km run last year, which is something I never thought I would do!! I would definitely recommend Crank group fitness classes to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun!!”
Cathy, North Lake

“Thanks heavens for Mel, who got as back to thinking about looking after our physical health, which included not only exercise but regular tips and samples on what foods we should eat. With two personal training sessions a week, we managed to improve both our strength and energy levels. Given our different needs, Mel structured the sessions appropriately for each of us, keeping us focused and building on each week to get us back on the straight and narrow. She was always conscious of our age and different physical problems, making sure that the sessions worked towards helping rather than exacerbating them. The service she offered was always friendly and at the same time very motivating. In addition to this she provides continued support through her emails, webpage and personal text reminders!! The variety of classes offered helped with motivation, you never quite knew what to expect. Thank you Mel for the last 2 years!”
Graeme & Carol, Shenton Park

“I had been wanting to lose weight for years. So when I came back from a holiday in April fed-up with myself and with the right frame of mind to give it a proper try, I called Mel at Crank. Within a couple of days I had my first training session and I have not looked back since. Mel has been incredibly supportive, modifying my workouts around a dodgy ankle until the issue was resolved, and always has lots of tips, hints and suggestions (as well as my own incredibly inspiring music playlist to train to!). Not only have I lost weight, I’ve gained confidence and feel strong and healthy, inside and out. I look forward to setting goals and achieving them, pushing myself to try things I’ve never done before, and most of all – I know I am now a good role model for my friends and family to get fit and healthy also. I can’t thank Mel enough for the new life she has given me!”
Michelle, Leeming

“Excellent results! Thank you for the excellent stretching & warm-up training at our Welshpool site. Warehouse employees can be a reluctant audience and the feedback from our team was surprisingly enthusiastic with several asking to attend extra sessions! As we discussed prior to your training we had experienced an alarming increase in lower back sprains and I am delighted to report zero injuries since your training. The training has been fabulous the guys are still using your handout. We look forward to booking you again for refresher training throughout the year.”
Michelle Ivey, Health & Safety, Toll Group

“After having knee reconstruction, done almost no exercise for years and allowed weight to creep on me, I knew a change was needed. But, where to start? Then came Mel Smith, personal trainer extraordinaire, who with her personalise and professional approach to exercising, has encouraged me to set realistic goals and work hard towards achieving them. While she challenges and motivates me, Mel even manages to make the workout fun, if that anything is possible… The best part, she comes to your place! In the process, I have become fitter, stronger and live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Mel!”
Margarita, Bull Creek

“I remember when I started training with you and you said your aim was to get people exercising. Well, I wanted to let you know, I think you have achieved that with me. Even though unfortunately I can’t get to the mid week sessions so easily because of my job, I want to let you know that the year and a half of discipline and routine has paid off, and I’m still training at least three times a week. This week so far has been a Pilates class on Monday, then I made up a training session for Rudy and I at home last night which involved stair climbing and weights and body weight exercises, and then tonight I have done a 5km run (only slowly but hey, for someone who hated it I can’t believe I now do it by choice). And of course I still get to my Saturday morning sessions with you, and Rudy and I really get out for a bike ride or long walk on Sunday. I wanted to thank you for getting me to this stage, without you and Crank I don’t think I would have found the enjoyment I get from my exercising, and would never have thought to just make it a part of my life. Of course I also have made some great friends out of it! So really this is just to say keep on changing people’s lives like you have changed mine, and Rudy’s too really as tries to keep up with me. P.S. I even did a hill in my run tonight cause I love hills!!!”
Clare, Mount Pleasant

“I have had a few different trainers over the years. Mel’s business Crank is by far the most professional, well organised and well equipped business. Mel is very knowledgeable and very motivational to keep you keen and motivated to push yourself to that next level, as she knows when you are slacking off! The classes change from season to season allowing a variety in your exercise routine throughout the year to keep you interested, whilst keeping fit and healthy. Most importantly, Mel has attracted a really lovely bunch of people to Crank whom you enjoy meeting up with every week to sweat it out, the odd treat of breakfast after a Saturday morning class is also a lot of fun.

I love Mel’s magical scales…..don?t be afraid of using them as a tool to keep you motivated. When I first started with Crank my figures on the scales didn?t budge too much but at every weigh in earlier this year I have added muscle, removed body fat and even better seen my metabolic age decrease to 15 years younger than my biological age! That?s a great incentive for me to keep it up and work hard.

Getting up early on a Saturday morning for a 7am run is a challenge in itself, however, Mel’s training tips and pushing us up those hills are showing us the benefits of running. The personal goals that the Saturday morning unning group have achieved are fantastic and the “Crank It Up” team goal of conquering the 12kms of the City to Surf 2011 will be wonderful to be a part of.”
Tara, Kardinya

“Mel at Crank took me for one-on-one sessions post-pregnancy and with problem knee and shoulder from muscle wasting. Through physio guidance and communication with Mel, she was able to build my strength whilst ensuring I was working the right areas in my specialised exercises. Her one-on-one training built my strength in knee and shoulder to near perfect, with physio sessions ending earlier than expected. Due to returning to work, I now do group sessions after work and on the weekend which I love – Mel keeps the sessions varied and fun so I actually want to come to exercise.”
Sharron, Myaree

“After the best part of a year’s training with you, I wish to express my appreciation for the work you have done with me. I was the leading exponent of the notion that I needed to do something about my fitness and weight but at
the same time was the least likely to do anything about it unless there was someone to direct the process. As you know, it took me too long to make the call to Crank, but once I did, things have progressed well and I feel much better. I am looking forward to this year’s training, during which I am confident that i will enjoy myself and also make further progress in the rejuvenation of my health and fitness.”
Ronald, Winthrop

“Mel, thanks for keeping me motivated throughout 2010. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve been for a long time. My core strength has improved greatly which I believe has given me more distance and stability in my golf
swing. Plus losing a few kilos has been a bonus! Bring on 2011.”
Tracy, Leeming

“I saw Mel twice a week for the months leading up to my wedding and she was fantastic at motivating me to push myself harder than I would on my own. I lost weight, toned up, and had so many glowing comments on the big day”!
Lauren, Innaloo

“Working out with Mel is the kindest thing I’ve done for myself in the last twenty years. Highly recommended”
Jennifer, Hilton

“Training with Mel – Crank Health and Fitness, has changed my body (remarkably), my attitude toward my personal well being & shown me that with the right person guiding you, you REALLY can shift mountains (or Kilos in this case)!”
Renea, East Fremantle

“I thought you should know (in print) that since I started Boxercise 12 weeks ago, I’ve lost about 3-4kg (now at a healthy BMI), 1cm from my arms, and everyone has been commenting that I look really good! So Mel, I honestly can’t thank you enough. Seven weeks to wedding day and I have better results than I thought I ever could.”
De, Bull Creek


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